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The first book by Lucy Davis

From Head To Heart

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Lucy Davis was a high flying Director in the investment banking system, deeply entrenched in the material world of money, luxury holidays and partying as hard as she worked. When a series of traumatic events caused her world to come crashing down around her, she reluctantly surrendered to what was happening and found herself on a catastrophic, profound, and magical journey of self discovery and healing that would take her all around the world, and help her to rediscover her innate gifts that had been buried for decades. 

Living purely by intuition, Lucy was guided to create ‘Self Love Club’, a brand comprising of courses, workshops and seminars that would take her once again around the world several times, sharing her wisdom, experience, and helping hundreds of thousands of people to recognise their own happiness, embrace their talents, find their purpose, and ultimately to learn to live in ‘Self Love'. 

In recent years, Lucy has been a frontline campaigner fighting for freedom and human rights; she is a passionate advocate of saving and helping children all over the world.

As part of her mission, in 2022, Lucy founded ‘Soul School’ - a project she was divinely gifted originally in 2018. No longer content to wait around for the old systems to crumble, Lucy decided to create ’Soul School’ in order to build the new world - a space of love, peace and harmony, where individuals and families can go to re-educate themselves and rise in consciousness together.  

If you would like to find out more about Lucy and the courses and workshops she offers then please click HERE.

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Rik Arron, Manchester UK

"When I offered to help Lucy write her book, I knew she had a great story to tell - what I didn't realise was how profound, magical and powerful the story actually was and how personally transformational the journey of working on the book would be. And that's the true magic of Lucy's story - yes, it's her story about her life but it mirrors back to you your own journey and it connects the dots of your own story." 
I wrote a blog post which shares a deeper insight into the process of working on the book with Lucy. You can read it HERE.
looking to the future copy.jpg
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